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Feeling up 'cuz I'm goin' down!

Have now lost 50 pounds and have 54 more to go to reach my goal. Never before have I had this kind of success, not even when on a 900 cal. diet nor with hypnosis! Thank you, Vemma, for the energy and nutrition I need!


Doggies on Vemma...

Following my post on wishing I could help my Westie with her aches and pains of old age, I saw in one of the posts from the Convention that a couple of others had been doing just that, so I decided to try it for my Alice. I began putting just a capful, about a tablespoon, on her food every day, and I have seen a difference. She is moving with more agility and she is playing with our other dog, Reggie who is a Jack Russell with endless energy! Now Alice only has one eye; she lost the other due to a Westie weakness that makes their eyes not produce tears. The remaining eye has very little vision and is often crusted over, even if I use eye moisturizers. Since using the Vemma, she has required fewer drops! I know she can't recover her lost vision, but without the crustiness that blocks her limited vision, I think she can get around a little better. Thanks again, Vemma!!


The future...

I think we are leaving out a special part of our families...our pets, particularly our dog and cat "children." You know how there are "sauces" and "gravies" out there to pour on our pets' food? Well, I'd like to see a supplement like that for our pets. Knowing how much Vemma has helped me with the discomfort of arthritis, I want to do the same for my dog, Alice, who I am seeing today limping up and down stairs. She is 11 years old now, advanced age for Westies, and I wish I could do something to help her with her daily aches and pains. Does anyone else think this is a good idea-"VemmaVet!" the Gravy Supplement!


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